You can call a snake catcher at any time for general advice, we are always happy to talk about snakes. Anytime you see a snake is also a good time to call a snake catcher. Not every snake needs to be removed from a property. There are a lot of factors that are used to determine if the snake should be removed.
If there are young children and or pets such as dogs and cats.
This is the most common reason, most people decide to have the snake removed. For Families with children and pets, if they see a snake in their yard they want the peace of mind knowing that it has been relocated to a place where it won’t come into contact with the household again.
If the Snake is in the house.
A common reason to call a snake catcher is if the snake has made its way into your home. Commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms (making their way in through the plumbing). This situation will require a professional to make sure that the snake has been safely removed from the home.
If the snake is in the yard.
This situation doesn’t always require the snake to be removed. The decision comes down to the people living at the property. If they feel threatened by the snakes’ presence, if they are worried for other family members’ safety, also the exact location of the snake. If the snake is in a common area for foot traffic, (in the chicken coop, by the clothes line etc), or in a less used area of the property, (down in the paddock, by the wood shed in summer etc).
If the snake is in the workplace. 
A common place to spot a snake during work hours is on construction/building sites, down manholes, if you work as a gardener, or any general outdoor work. The decision for the removal of a snake from a job site should be made by the Manager or Property owner. As soon as the snake is spotted notify the appropriate person in the company to decide on the action they want to take.
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