Snake Safety Presentations
Hodgsons Snakes offers comprehensive, interactive safety presentations suitable for schools, workplaces, community groups, and your family. We cover everything you need to know about snakes in the area. From what species are native to our area, their habitats, their behavior, how to act around them, as well as how to perform common household or workplace tasks, and much, much more!!!
Property Inspections
Hodgsons Snakes offer detailed property inspections. Every house, garden, and worksite is completely different. It is important to get the information that suits your specific needs. As professionals with years of experience, we will spot problems that most others might overlook and come up with solutions to improve your situation.
- Turtle Tanks
- Bird Cages
- Fish Tanks
- Bird Toys
- Rabbit hutches
- Reptile Enclosures
All made mostly from up-cycled furniture (Bedside tables, TV cabinets, Chest of drawers ETC.) Please contact me to get a quote.
I have a huge range of different skills developed throughout my professional career. I have worked as a cabinet maker, General labourer for a carpenter, I ran my own small workshop on weekends as a mechanic, even a timber mill for a number of years. Here is a general list of services I am competent in providing.
- Plumbing
- Fixtures
- Automotive
- Property Maintenance
- Windows
- Cabinetry
-Fences and Gates
- Gutters
- Doors
- Sheds
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