There are no guarantees that anything you do or buy to deter snakes will result in a snake never coming to visit. But there are some things that you can do that will make it less inviting for them.
Snakes mainly feed on mice and lizards. So if you can limit the food sources for mice, then there will be less mice and then less reason for a snake to come for dinner. 
Ways to help keep the mouse population down in your home:
- Don’t leave food scraps laying around – keep all food in containers.
- Only feed your pets what they will eat in the next few minutes. You may need to feed your pets a few times a day, but this will stop having pet food sitting around for the mice to feast on.- If you have chickens or ducks etc – Feed them as far from the house as possible.
Snakes are also attracted to water sources, especially on a hot summer’s day. Things like bird baths and ponds are a good easy source of water for a snake. They are always nice features in an Australian garden, if you decide to have one then please always be alert when near them. Another easy source of water for a snake is your Dogs water bowl. This also goes for chicken water bowls. I would recommend changing your chicken’s water bowl out for chicken drinker nipples. There isn’t a huge amount you can do about your dog’s water source. Your local pet store might have a solution.
Snakes Like cover.
Cover is very important for snakes, lizards, birds, and other native animals. Bushes and other shrubs help to protect them from the summer heat. When having a garden, one recommended way of maintaining your garden is to prune all branches lower than 30cm from the ground. This will create line of sight visibility, for you and your family, whilst still allowing a beautiful garden for yourself and wildlife.
If the snake can easily move from cover to cover in short distances, can easily pop out to bask in the sun and have a drink of water close by, and also a plentiful food source, then your home will be a snakes 5 star hotel.
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