Snake Valley Wildlife Shelter (SVWS) has been around since 2018. Shelter operator, Gary Ward has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for close to two decades and is one of the only rescuers in the region who is trained to dart (tranquilise) wildlife. Gary is heavily relied on in the rescue community to assess and arrange the safe capture of displaced or injured kangaroos and wallabies and often travels many miles to do so. He has devoted his life to wildlife rescue and to setting up his shelter at Snake Valley. 
Gary has three other wildlife carers who operate under his shelter license. Jess Robertson is an experienced rescuer based in Central Ballarat who is also a registered carer. She looks after ringtail possums, koalas and some birds at her property. Judith Szalontai is an experienced rescuer and registered carer. She cares for macropod joeys, possums and some birds at her property in Haddon. Liz Howard is a registered carer who cares for macropod joeys and possums at her property in Happy Valley. 
Snake Valley Wildlife Shelter carers are self-funded and receive no government support. They rely on public donations to help them pay for food, enclosures, medicines and vet fees when animals need specialised vet care. We are currently fundraising to build a soft release enclosure for macropods, and two soft release trailers for possums., so that orphaned hand raised young can transition back into the wild at their own pace. This gives them the best chance at survival. 
If you’d like to donate to help their animals, please go to their PayPal account below. If you don’t use PayPal, please contact Gary Ward at to arrange a direct transfer. Thank you! 
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